Saturday, 5 October 2013

Peanut Butter (Random thoughts #1)

So my mumma really wants me to one day have little chil'rens of my own so that she can be an awesome grannyma like her mumma, but I really can't stand kids because they cry and snot and scream some more, and I cannot deal with the high frequencies they hit. It's like when a teacher scrapes their nails down the blackboard and it screeches and you just want your ears to shut down and pass out because it's just...gah! Why are they doing that? What buttheads! But I can't rule them out completely - kids I mean - because, hey, an heir to Randomada would be pretty cool, right? After all, I can't live forever - who would want to? - so who would get my Salvador Dali clock after I'm dead? But I'm getting nudged closer and closer to the edge of "Sod it! At least I'll be happier without the kiddies!" because GAWSH! Kids are so annoying! There was a little boy of about two or three, and a girl of about seven or eight, on the train from Birmingham to Preston - which is like an hour and a half journey - and it's 7pm I'm so freakin' tired because I've been catching trains since ten to five. And I get that they were probably tired and bored, but they were little nightmares, and the boy kept squealing and screaming, and the dad and girl kept laughing, and the mother was shouting and I actually ended up having to leave the carriage so that I didn't say anything because I was getting so annoyed, as were other passengers. People need to learn to discipline their kids properly, or not bring them to the quiet zone of the train. Or even better, just not have children. It would save a lotta people a lotta headaches.

In the meantime I'm home! My mumma, brother, and dog were waiting for me at the train station, and the dog's tail was going round and round like a windmill he was so happy. And we've since been walkies to the woods near us, but we both gutted because his tree has been cut down, so we couldn't take recent pictures of him up in the tree (because he's a monkey-dog and can climb trees y'know).

And my mum doesn't like my hair anymore because the Hot Purple has now gone all wishy-washy greens and blues, with only bits of purple, so it's a bit like a peacock feather look now. But she doesn't like it. But it's fine. 

And I had a dream last night that I was paintballing with friends, except it was with peanut butter instead of paint, which was fun until one hit me in the mouth, because I don't like peanut butter, so that wasn't nice. Plus it hurt because we weren't wearing any of the protective gear that you're supposed to wear because we are so hardcore and don't need any of that stupid stuff, but really we did because it really freakin' hurt! Ouch!

Now I'm eating homemade soup and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and remembering how Cordelia says some really stupid stuff. Like, "I swear, one of these times, you're gonna wake up in a coma!" I haven't watched Buffy in donkey's years! I forgot how awesome it was until we started watching it in the house with my new housemates in Leicester, and then I was like, "Holy maggots! I used to love this!" So ja, the new house is awesome! I can cook, I'm with people I like and who will actually study as opposed to running and screaming down the hallways all the time, and the kitchen floor is never sticky from spilled alcohol so I'm super happy!

And one more thing: banana.

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  1. blessings....
    Just browsing through. Had to focus or relax with squalling kids, yikes, poor you. i agree people should discipline their children or stay home with them so they are not pain in the tush to others.

    You feeling about kids are ok, it may change or it may not, either way its ok.



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