I'm in love

With the weather. (I know what you guys were thinking!)

The sun is out, it's warm, and I don't need to wear a jacket anymore. It's BEAUTIFUL! Though I am now reeeeaaaally sunburnt! Really need to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen again...

It just saddens me that most of my friends would rather stay inside than hang out and mess about in the sun. Yes, it's hot. Yes, we get sunburnt. But hell, we hardly ever get this sort of weather! Let's make the most of it!

I've been dragging my friends out to the parks to try and hold onto my childhood (I still can't believe I'm 19!). To be fair, all this sun can only do me good - I'm pretty much translucent pale!

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weather! Keep smiling!



  1. What a misleading title!! I thought we were about to read about a whirlwind romance :-)


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