Friday, 10 May 2013

Reliving My Childhood: Mango Groove

A lot of the songs I loved as a child were...let's just say, not the usual thing my age group listened to. When we had to pick our favourite songs in primary school, while others were raving about Britney Spears and that song where you just randomly make up a new language for the duration of about four minutes (that song by Eiffel 65), I was bringing Fleetwood Mac CDs and voicing my love for the likes of Cliff Richard, and even Phil Collins before the gorilla on the Dairy Milk advert made it cool to listen to him again.

Mango Groove was another group I would listen to a lot. My mum grew up in South Africa and sometimes she'd put the CD in to welcome the South African vibe into the otherwise freezing cold English weather. My favourite song by them is perhaps Dance Sum More (though you must DEFINITELY listen to Pennywhistle as well!). So here goes, just for you:

You're welcome.


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