Tuesday, 14 May 2013

One day I will forgive my brother...

...for sending me THIS.

I wouldn't mind, but I'm scared of the dark, and to send me this when it's dark and I have to go to bed...

That's me for the rest of tonight awake. Seriously, my imagination is even worse than the goddamn site, especially at night.

It was awful because I was on Skype to my brother when he sent it me. And then when her head turned 180 degrees (AND THOSE SOUND EFFECTS!) I ended up accidentally closing the browser...so I had to go through it again to read the rest of the story. And I'm telling you now it took me over an hour to muster up the courage to scroll down to that part again, and another hour to just get to the end.

Having said all that, if I was to be given another horror comic like that one, I would still eventually read it. The curiosity gets too much to bear and I just have to terrify myself. So feel free to send me some links to others if you want and then I'll comment with some of my foul language (e.g. "Why the flip-flop-flop-flubbery would you do that to meeee?!").

Now please excuse me while I watch medieval methods of torture and execution. Keep smiling!




    Oh man, I love that comic, so much fun to share.

    1. Brr! Anime gives me the heebie jeebies; give me the Saw films any day!


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