Revive Samuel Brett Williams' play: Jake Silbermann's new film project

As some of you may know, Jake Silbermann is an actor, producer and writer who I really look up to as an inspiration. I first became a fan of his when I came across the American daytime TV show, 'As The World Turns', where he starred as film fanatic Noah Mayer. His character's romance with Luke Snyder (played by one Van Hansis) was hailed as the first gay male soap opera supercouple - and featured the first gay kiss on daytime - despite controversy about their storyline. And despite the fact that sometimes the writers lacked the ability to keep their own characters in...well...character, it was still a show I was able to enjoy.

Lately Jake has been very busy as a filmmaker. He wrote the 2010 short film 'Stuffer' which won "Best Short Film" at 2010 Royal Flush Festival, was one of the producers, and starred in it. He funded the project through Kickstarter and the project was backed by over 200 donors who pledged over $50,000. Now he is back with a new project: The Revival.

The Revival is a feature length film written and directed by Samuel Brett Williams. The story follows Eli, a southern baptist preacher in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His congregation is dwindling because of a nearby mega-Church. With hopes of inspiring the locals and fulfilling his father's legacy, a revival is planned. That is until his world is turned upside down when a young man comes to town looking for food and shelter.

As they begin to fall in love it becomes clear that someone has been watching them, and their secret life is no longer safe. This forces Eli to choose between his love for Daniel and his love for God, his church, and his family. The Revival explores faith in the Deep South and asks: how far will you go for the things you believe in?

Of course, making films doesn't come cheap. The estimated final budget is about $200,000, and Jake is asking for $67,000 to secure additional funding from several private investors. Pledging as little as $1 can help them get one step closer to their target, but if they don't reach $67,000 by the deadline the project won't see a cent.

There are many great rewards that can be earned for backing the project, from signed screenplays to passes for a day on set. After all, your pledges are greatly appreciated.

To pledge to this project, click HERE

I have already pledged a sum of $25. Help Jake make this film. Let's do it together!


PS. Jake has written an awesome article on his thoughts on playing a gay character and the usual question he gets asked by journalists: "Are you afraid of being type cast as gay?"


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