Sunday, 20 January 2013

'Scuse me while I rant...

*Deep breath...*

Why the HELL am I still in education? Why did I bother to study Aerospace Engineering at university? Honestly, the engineering department is full of incompetent arseholes...and I'm just talking about the staff! Everyone else has got their timetables, except us engineers. We got this email yesterday:

"Please note that teaching starts on Monday 21st January 2013 for year 1 and Year 2 Students. Teaching for Year 3, Year 4 and MSc students starts on Monday 28th January.

Because of some issues with putting the timetable together, it is not yet complete so we will be putting daily timetables both on here and in the Engineering Building Foyer as soon as is possible.

Please accept my apologies for the last-minute and incomplete information - we are endeavouring to get things together as quickly as possible."

We still haven't got the temporary timetable for tomorrow.

It has never failed to piss me off when members of staff at school or college have turned out to be complete and utter hypocrites, telling us to hand in our homework and coursework in on time, ridiculing and intimidating us when we fail to do so, only to not give us our marked work back until a week before the exam, or even lose copies of important documents that we have handed to them (both have happened to me) and they think that a simple thrown-about apology will make it all better. It's highly unprofessional and isn't very comforting that even they can't stick to deadlines; what's that saying to the unmotivated students? Deadlines don't matter?

And now it's happening at university as well! I should have known that they're all the same...

Another thing that's been driving me up the wall at university: my housemates. My housemates in Halls are inconsiderate and I've never felt like I fit in with any of them. The girls in my corridor knock on one another's doors and go to meals together...well...they knock on everyone's doors apart from mine. I find myself always eating on my own in the dining hall, or knocking on their doors only to find that they've already gone without me.

Now I know you're probably thinking, "Tell them, Claire. There's no point telling us." The thing is I have told them on more than one occasion. And they will knock for me for a couple of days and then not bother again. I understand that okay, I'm not always in when they have knocked, but surely it's just common decency? And this past week I've been in my room near enough every dinnertime, and not ONCE have they bothered to knock on me. I've given up.

Another thing is the noise they make. Week seven and week twelve I told them that I had exams on so I would need peace and quiet to study effectively. Like hell were they quiet! They did the usual running down the corridor screaming and laughing, shouting to one another...


I know I nowhere near have the worst housemates in the world, but they're not making this year in Halls a good experience. At least I have my rubber crow to keep me company.

At the moment I could rant on and on about university, how sometimes I feel like I'm in a parallel universe where there are only imaginary numbers and vomiting is the equivalent of getting laid, but I've taken up enough of both your time and my own with this post. I think I'm just feeling very emotional and down because of the cold and my sinuses flaring slightly. But I had to get all that out.

So I guess this gives you guys the chance to rant as well. You can tell me to man up, and how your lives are worse or whatever if you want - just go for it.

Keep smiling!


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