Monday, 31 December 2012

I guess this means goodbye, 2012

I have a lot to be happy about this year. I was able to afford a plane ticket to visit my family in South Africa for the first time in fifteen years...even turned 18 over there. I petted cheetahs, white and yellow lions and white tigers, and actually got the chance to bond with my Auntie Monica, which means a heck of a lot to me. Meanwhile in England, I've been given the chance to intern in India for two months in the summer, I've FINALLY finished my Hell Levels (sorry, A Levels) and I'm now at university studying Aerospace Engineering (I discuss more about my year here).

Now this year, 2012, I didn't really do the whole New Year's Resolution thing (personally I consider New Year's Day to be a bit like a wedding - a day where people make promises they can't keep), but since we're turning another page I think I'm going to try and keep to some...goals, as opposed to resolutions:

1.  Treat my body better. Now I'm not a slut, so if it was something inappropriate that first came into your mind, think again. I want to treat it better in the sense of healthy eating, exercising more. That kind of rubbish that sucks balls (thanks, now you've made me inappropriate!). Only I'm not going for the whole "I'm gonna eat at least five portions of fruit or veg a day" because I know I won't. Instead, I'm going to try cutting down to two choccies/treats a week and exercise for at least an hour at least twice a week. Every two months I'm able to do that properly, I'll treat myself to two boxes of brownies, because then I've got a reason to stick to it.

2. Gain some experience. I want to be an engineer, yet if you mentioned horsepower, mid-engines or transmissions to me, my face would be blank. 2013, I'm going to start asking garages nearby if I can learn from them and work for them for free. I'll also start reading more motor vehicle magazines so I don't seem like a total dingbat when I ask around.

3.  Organise my ass. What with my degree, my job, LUTheatre, streetdance, LUSH radio, writing, and my hopes to help out in a garage, I'm really gonna need to draw up a schedule to follow so that I don't let myself down, or anyone else - I let you guys down since I still haven't finished those two stories for y'all. So yeah, hopefully by being more organised I'll find more time to write stories for you guys.

What are other people's goals/resolutions? Let me know in the comments section. In the meantime, happy new year and bring on 2013!

Keep smiling!



  1. Looks like you had a great year Claire :)


    1. Happy New Year to you to, my friend! :D

  2. I have to write and film a sketch every month :)

    1. Oh cool! Well, could you help me out a little? Please can we film my short screenplay, Pennies Drop? (You can find the script in the post after this one)

      I'll help you out, you help me out? Asseblief? :)


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