At least the turkey's fat!

Can't say the same for this Santa's sack! Seriously, it's past midnight, Christmas Eve, I'm wrapping presents, aaand there are many people who I still need to buy gifts for.


People who don't know me are probably thinking, "Well surely you'll only see most of them AFTER Christmas anyway". That's not true. It is a tradition for me to play Santa on Christmas Eve, travelling on foot through five towns giving gifts to my friends. And feed the homeless (but I do that anyway). Why oh why did I leave Christmas so late this year?

And I need to finish my Christmas present to you guys as well! Yes, since you've all been amazingly supportive in viewing IBitThePiranha - a blog which must've really disappointed you at times due to the lack of biting piranhas...not to mention lack of posts - I'm rewarding y'all with at least two new stories! I'm too kind! After Christmas I might even treat you guys to my very first (and probably last) video. If this does happen, don't expect too much - I stammer, I'm a total goon, and I'll probably only be boasting about what I got for Christmas because I'm a brat like that.

Of course what's more important than Christmas presents is family. I only got home from university yesterday, and I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back with my Mumma, brother and Grannyma. My dog hasn't let me out of his sight since! I think he must've missed me.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas filled with love and the wonderful smell of home cooking...or take out if it's bad! I hope that you all get the gifts that you wish for, and are able to appreciate the gifts that maybe you didn't wish for, and most of all I hope you will not throw out the neck of the turkey because that's the best bit!

'Till later today, old chums, keep smiling!



  1. Matt here! Greetings from paris! Merry christmas(:


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