“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

My blog buddy, Keith, wrote a post about thankfulness in time for Thanksgiving (you can read it by clicking here) and it got me thinking:

What does it mean to be thankful for something? And what am I thankful for?

Does it mean that you're thankful every time that you say "thank you"? Maybe sometimes we say thank you because it's just manners and it's what is expected of us, or because the assistant was completely off topic with what we were talking about and we're just saying thank you to make them feel like they did help us, just to spare them the humiliation.

In my opinion, being thankful for something is not to do with comparing lives, or saying something along the lines of, "Things could be worse" - I don't think it helps at all. It just seems such a backward method of comfort, and maybe even an injection of guilt for ever thinking you had it bad. "It could be worse" only translates to "Who do you think you are?" even if you have the right to feel upset or even depressed.

Gratitude is more powerful than just thanking your lucky stars that something bad that happened to you wasn't as bad as what happened to someone you read about in the tabloids. Whereas the phrase "It could be worse" demonstrates a negative insight on life, gratitude is all about the positives, and embracing the emotions you feel as opposed to suppressing them due to 'respect' for those less fortunate. Gratitude is the acknowledgment of something good you have or are going to receive.

Which brings me to what I'm grateful for, and as cheesy as it may sound, I'm grateful for being on this planet, with red blood running through my veins, being able to breathe fresh air and watch birds and squirrels, and hear the rustling of the trees as the wind runs its fingers through the leaves. I'm grateful for my vivid imagination, even if it does go against me at times, and I'm grateful for where I am in life: at university, studying the subject of my dreams, and being able to write and have people like you reading posts like this that I have put on my blog and my Hubpage.

I want you all to know that it's the comments and fan mail I receive that motivate me to write, and when I'm feeling a little low I can just come on here or Hubpages and remind myself that there are people out there - people that don't even know me - who believe in me. That is most precious to me, aside from my family.

So thank you.

And keep smiling.

Claire xxxxx


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful post Claire :) I love the way you describe the things that you're thankful for!

    1. Thank YOU for inspiring me to write this!


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