Thursday, 15 November 2012

Procrastination is a jerk...

Procrastination is a jerk, plain and simple. You're supposed to be doing a piece of coursework, or revising for an exam, or drawing a 13 Amp plug (don't ask; last time I checked I was studying Engineering, not Fine Art), and before you've even got started you're on Facebook or the Xbox, or in my case watching a relative of Gollum dancing to electropop. Anyway, before you know it you've been messing about for four hours and you're just like...


You haven't done your work, fool!

And don't worry, because I've been terrible this week for it! I've had Blackboard exams, and golly have I found it difficult to stay focused! There's only so long you can go locked up in your room trying to revise for these poopadoops, as I have been finding out. Every day I'm like, "Right. Today I'm going to finish that bitch of a drawing, that bitch of an article, do some bitchin' notes and start that bitch of a report!" and then three hours later I remember that I'm supposed to be doing work, not rocking it out to slow songs like a loonatic. Or taking pictures like this:

Anyways, it's 9pm. I have 12 hours to finish two sketches for my Engineering Design assessment. Who knows, in about an hour another short story might be chilling on here, and then you'll be able to smile and say that jerkass word:


Keep smiling, guys!

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