Thursday, 18 October 2012

I got a story

I actually pretty much was!!!

It's hard to explain. I've never had that strong a pull to a story before, and I must admit it was kinda creepy (and especially scary for my housemate, Will, but we'll get back to that!).

Basically, I was walking back to Halls from uni after Proteus (it's a fortnightly thing where you get to write a short 10-minute play and then direct/act it out ready for the next Proteus meeting). It's probably about a 40-minute walk, and we'd just missed a bus so I thought instead of waiting for another half hour I'll try to beat the bus (I think I did it...not quite sure). I was dying to write down this idea I had for the theme we were given - 'Home' - so I just left my friends and only remembered how terrified I was of the dark when I'd turned the corner. I kept jumping at shadows and was just constantly on edge for like half the journey and then a new idea started to click into place. And then I'd pieced it all together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The next thing I know I've stormed into the boy's kitchen in my house, and my hand is killing with cramp after writing as quickly as was physically possible. Will, one of my housemates, was pussyfooting round me, asking if it was safe to come in. Apparently I had screeched at him to leave me alone and "LET ME GET THIS WRITTEN DOWN!"


I can't stop apologizing to him, but as a result I have an awesome piece of work that can be used as a play, or even better as a short film.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you guys know that. Oh, and I've started a writing course on top of doing an Aerospace Engineering degree (did I mention I'm now a student at the University of Leicester?)! So soon you'll be getting a heck of a lot more posts from me.

Right, sleep now - I'm so knackered after all that commotion!

Keep smiling!


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