Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Short Story: You'll Come Back (Part Four)

A year passed by and the torment of memories and what ifs still plagued Virginia’s mind. She couldn’t rid herself of the memories she imagined they would have together – getting married, making love for the first time, having a family of their own... She’d wanted it all with Ralph, and now it had all disintegrated with him.

When her father passed away, she never thought she’d understand the pain that her mother was going through at the loss of the love of her life - her soul mate. Ralph was Virginia’s soul mate, and now he was gone. Her moods would vary widely between crying hysterically to inappropriate laughter to sudden episodes of rage, and sometimes she could be found screaming at the wooden cross marking her fiancé’s grave.

“Whatever was it that was more important than focusing on your bloody job so that you could come back to me alive? How dare you leave me! How dare you! I miss you.”

She distanced herself from her friends considerably, throwing the lovingly cooked dishes in the bin and leaving it to her mother to lie and show appreciation for their neighbours and friends’ efforts. Black cloth hung from her pale skeletal frame despite the desperate pleads for her to eat more. She no longer cared about life, and although it may have seemed ridiculous to Virginia it wasn’t as simple as that. Ralph had been in her life for six years; six years was an impossible amount of time to just simply get over and continue without.

She was walking home from the shops when the sirens screamed through the otherwise silent streets, and before her eyes the streets became a scene of panic as people ran from their homes to find their nearest shelters. Virginia ran as fast as she could, though she knew she would not make it home in time to stay in the shelter with her mother. She therefore tried to come in with other people though the frustration and frantic searching for a free space in one of the nearby shelters was proving fruitless. She charged around like a madman, pleading to anyone who hurried past her to let her in their shelter.

She found an abandoned shelter that must have belonged to a now perished family, and she wasted no time in making her way inside. She felt so alone, with only the rats for company, but she felt able to breathe as she took note she was now safe.

There was a fraction of a second for her to feel secure before Virginia was thrown through the air by an inhuman force. It seemed to happen in slow motion; her ears were merely ringing as she mindlessly admired the twirling wood and brick that surrounded her in the air. She felt her body fall to the ground like a rag doll, and she could see the rubble that buried her in her resting place, preserving her ruined body so that someone could find her and tell her mama. Her mother would be so worried right now. She needed to assure her like she had promised to always do. Her eyelids fluttered and her lungs sighed as she noticed a figure stand over her, cupping her face with gentle hands. Ralph. Nothing else mattered when Ralph was with her.

“I said you’d come back,” she smiled. His only answer was soft laughter that seemed like a lullaby to her closing eyes. She kept them open long enough to notice the stretched out hand for her to take, and her left hand rested in his palm perfectly like it always did. They stood together, oblivious to the growing crowd surrounding them, gasping and crying at the sight. Virginia saw the sad look upon her love’s face and answered with a sad smile of her own before taking his hand leading him through the crowd and away from the black dress that covered the pale skin of a broken girl whose life would now begin in another light.


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