Friday, 7 September 2012

I hate it when my technology tries to intervene...

This has happened a few times, no matter what I've used. And today it happened again.

I was in full writing mode. My fingers were working up a sweat of their own as they whizzed around the keyboard of the computer, and then all of a sudden the freakin' internet crashed and now I've lost it all (I was using the website since I've still not forgiven Microsoft Word for letting me down in this way). I had written a good couple of thousand words, and it's all gone. Usually Writer automatically saves your work, but obviously not this time.

GAHHHH! I hate my own technology sometimes. I was furious. I felt like throwing the damned computer out of the window and just smashing it hard against a brick wall over and over again. It took a HECK of a lot of biscuits and cheese on toast and cereal to calm me down! It had been going so swimmingly - obviously too well. And now it's all gone. And worst of all, the window has closed - I can't even remember what it was about properly! I usually try to offer myself the whole it-wasn't-meant-to-be thing - that my technology was simply stopping me from writing a story before I finished it and decided that it was pants, making me feel sick as I delete it - but the theory of Fate is so overrated in my head right now.

My mind just keeps retorting, "What right has my technology got to decide for me if this was not going to be a good story?"

To be quite honest, I actually had a beautifully warm feeling that this was going to be a good story - a great one in fact. I just can't help but feel bitter and so very annoyed.


Okay, I'm done ranting. Now hopefully that terribly overrated Fate will be a dove sometime and bring back to me what was stolen...

Sorry for my rant. Keep smiling for me!

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