Friday, 24 February 2012

'As Written' - a new novel I'm going to write.

I had a sudden idea for this new story, so here's the extract I wrote. More to come, but I doubt that happening any time soon.

The book felt cold and smooth under his palms, the gold foil title enhancing the otherwise plain cover of brown. There was a slight feeling which made him feel uneasy as he considered the book - a feeling somewhat relating to deja vu - but he kidded himself to think it was simply a coincidence the title claimed to be 'Patrick Morgan's book'. His book. After all, there are supposedly 6.995 billion people in the world, and he was pretty certain that within the world's population there were several other Patrick Morgans walking and talking, or had walked and talked.

His eyes explored the book again, finally resting on some smaller writing at the bottom of the back cover: 'A novel to whom it applies to'. His palms were getting sleek with sweat - a strange feeling had wormed its way into his gut - and he wiped them on his jeans before picking the book up again. Deciding to listen to the curiosity in contrast to the more appraisive ego he possessed, he slowly opened the first page of the book and began to read...

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